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High-accuracy real-time binocular ship scanning imaging system

High-accuracy real-time binocular ship scanning imaging system


--Scan the whole ship, then collect, extract and calculate of point cloud data to determine the ship position, hatch size, information on obstacles between hatches.

--Real-time detection of the ship trim, list angle, real-time target positioning in the hatch through cloud data, and data collection of actual loading volume.

--Real-time data interaction with different brands of PLC to achieve flexible path planning with the chute drop point in the hatch and the automatic balance loading.


--Integrated calibration of point cloud data between both the left and right side laser scanners; automatic filtering of obstruction data such as chute.

--High accuracy of integrated dynamic measurement and high safety level.

--Data interaction can realize the optimal path planning of the chute drop off point in the hatch to meet the automatic balance loading.

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