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Portal Crane Automation Control System

Portal Crane Automation Control System


In this system, anti-sway is the basic technology to realize portal crane automation. The mature algorithm provides accurate data to keep the grab bucket stable during multi-dimensional movement, which provides guarantee for safe operation and high accuracy grabbing. The 3D scanning technology realizes the scanning and simulation processing of the ship hatch and the target cargo, forming a 3D image and database of hatch and pile information.

The intelligent 3D data collection and processing software used in this system can automatically calculate the best pick-up point and convert this information into PLC control commands. Real time data interaction among data sample processing, 3D imaging system and PLC control system to realize the smooth and accurate landing of the grab bucket into the best gripping point.


--24-hour uninterruptible operation

--Equal to manual operation efficiency.

--Reduced operator work intensity and improved operating environment.

--Avoiding operating risk in manual mode.

--Providing real and reliable data support services for users to make decisions with our new type of digital and intelligent operation information.

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