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Ship loader Automation Control System

Ship loader Automation Control System


The ship loader automation control system includes two parts: local ship loader control system and remote central control system in the central control room.

The local ship loader system includes local PLC, scanner device, CCTV, radar anti-collision device and other kinds of sensor devices. It mainly makes the crane local PLC to realize the logical control of ship loading operation and the collection of status and fault information of each motion, ship hatch scanning, industrial monitoring video capture, etc. And the laser scanner installed on the ship loader transmits the collected data to the central control by industrial Ethernet.

The remote central control system includes data processing server, automatic operation monitoring equipment, central control PLC, network communication exchange equipment and remote operation console and other equipments. The remote central control system mainly completes the compilation of automatic operation instructions, control of automatic ship loading operation process and the collection of main status and fault information of ship loader. The central control PLC is connected with crane local PLC through optical fiber; and industrial network communication is adopted between central control system and ship loader. Also, the internal connection of central control system is also adopted industrial Ethernet. These ways make communication rate stable and fast; and the line of communication system is simple, clear and convenient to maintenance.


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