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Electronic Anti-Sway control system

Electronic Anti-Sway control system


--Two-dimensional electronic anti-sway control system is suitable for ship unloaders and other lifting machinery.  Its two-axis control function can restrain the sway in gantry and trolley direction and realize the hatch change or row change more quickly.

--Three-dimensional electronic anti-sway control system is suitable for portal cranes and other slewing-tracked lifting machinery, realizing accurate positioning and 100% hopper alignment rate.


--The mathematical modeling system calculates online in real time, estimate the deceleration distance and the final stopping position of the grab in advance, which can position the grab bucket in a stable and reliable way to execute automation in a safe area.

--The measuring sensor as a boundary identification system provides a reliable path range for the travel path of the slewing and luffing motion, accurate positioning, and 100% hopper alignment rate.

--Highly integrated and compatible, which can communicate with most mainstream PLCs.

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