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Stacker-Reclaimer Automation Control System

Stacker-Reclaimer Automation Control System


Using laser scanning technology to scan the pile dynamically and in real time, carry out simulation processing to form a three-dimensional image and pile information database, the system automatically transforms the pile and operation plan into PLC instructions to control the crane automatic addressing; then execute automatic stacking according to the set data, such as pile shape, pile width, pile height; or search the start point  according to the specified pile, automatically finds the pile starting point for automatic reclaiming.


--7*24 hours fully automated operation.

--A refreshing working environment and reduced work intensity of operators.

--Reduced operating costs, increased economic benefits and high added production value that cannot be achieved by manual work (e.g., high-precision blending work)

--Providing real and reliable data support services for users to make decisions with our new type of digital and intelligent operation information.

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