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Remote Crane Management System (RCMS)

Remote Crane Management System (RCMS)


The remote crane management system (RCMS) is to collect various real-time data and camera monitoring video signals from crane operation through fiber optic or wireless network in the server located in the central control room via Ethernet, process and store them, and then reflect crane operation status through friendly interfaces, and provide different customization functions for different levels of users. The system adopts high-end configuration software to collect real-time data from programmable controllers (PLC) and drives (DRIVE) by OPC, and transforms the data into the same standard and specification to co-exist in a management system to achieve the purpose of resource sharing. Also, the friendly interface of simulation can realize the functions of browsing, programming and control. This system can comprehensively cover all aspects of equipment management for the whole terminal project, and at the same time achieve a seamless interface with production management.


Realistic images, timely information feedback, intelligent diagnosis of faults, statistical reports and complete data analysis, dynamic drawings to acknowledge the status of equipment in real time, real-time and accurate monitoring of equipment.

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