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Ship Unloader Automation Control System

Ship Unloader Automation Control System


The 3D laser scanner, as the eye, scans the ship hatch and the cargo in the hatch, performs simulation processing and then forms the 3D image and the database of hatch and cargo pile information. Data acquisition controller collects ship type, weather and other information, records the environment factors such as weather's influence on ship hatch shaking, stores these data into the database, and calls different data according to different ship types and weather in future. Intelligent 3D data acquisition and processing software can automatically calculate the best grabbing point, and convert the information into PLC control instructions. Real time data interaction among data sample processing, 3D imaging system and PLC control system to realize the smooth and precise drop of the bucket driven by the trolley into the best grabbing point for grabbing and unloading.


--7*24 hours fully automated operation.

--Less mistake compared to manual operation and reduced occurrence of mechanical damage accidents.

--A refreshing working environment and reduced work intensity of operators.

--Reduced operating costs and increased economic benefits.

--Providing real and reliable data support services for users to make decisions with our new type of digital and intelligent operation information.

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